Dave Burnette's Commentary

1 Chronicles Chapter 8

Written By: God through Inspiration
Penned By: Ezra
Date Penned: (430 BC)
Overview: A History of God's Chosen People (c 1-29)
Theme: The Genealogies of Israel (c 1-9)
Message: Benjamin's Descendant's (v 1-40)

1 Chronicles 8 Commentary 

(8:1) The Account of Benjamin - Benjamin was the last of the two sons of Jacob (Israel) and Rachel. His story can be found starting in Genesis 49

(8:8-10) Divorce and Polgamy - These verses list Shaharaim's children by Hodesh after he had divorced ('sent ... away") his first two wives, Hushim and Baara. Divorce and polygamy are sometimes recorded in the Old Testament without critical comments. This does not mean that God takes divorce lightly. Malachi 2:15-16 says, "Let none deal treacherously against the wife of his youth. For the LORD, the God of Israel, saith that he hateth putting away." Jesus explained that although divorce was allowed, it was not God's will: "Moses because of the hardness of your hearts suffered you to put away your wives: but from the beginning it was not so" (Matthew 19:8). We shouldn't assume that God approves of an act just because it isn't condemned in every related biblical reference.

(8:33) The Account of Saul - Saul, Israel's first king, was very inconsistent, and his faith was halfhearted. His story is found in 1 Samuel 9-31; also see his profile. Saul's son Jonathan was the opposite. Although Jonathan was the rightful heir to the throne, he realized that David was God's choice to be Israel's next king. Instead of being jealous, Jonathan was David's friend and even helped him escape from Saul's attempts to murder him. Jonathan's story is told in 1 Samuel 13-31. 


Dave Burnette's Life Application

The Joy of Being in God's Will


Each day we walk through the Bible chapter by chapter making an application of our text to help us grow in the Lord. Many applications can be made from each day's text. Today we continue in the book of 1 Chronicles with Chapter 8. In our text today we see descendants from Benjamin that are recorded here. What catches my eye today is the account Saul and his son Jonathan who was inline for the throne but stepped aside for David who was God's choice to be the next king of Israel. Jonathan then helped David, instead of being jealous, and fulfilled the Will of God for his life. In making application we see how God's plan for our life may not be our plan or our ambition. Our happiness and joy come for being in the will of God. It reminds me of a Pastor friend of mine who placed his ambition to leave a small country Church to Pastor a larger Church in the city. Once realizing his mistake he went back to the small Church and found the joy he was missing from leaving the will of God for his life. How about you? Are you experiencing the joy of the Lord in your life by following the Lord's calling in your life? Let us learn from our text today and the life of Jonathan to learn that our joy comes from being in will of God for our lives.


1 Chronicles 8

1 Chronicles 8

 1Now Benjamin begat Bela his firstborn, Ashbel the second, and Aharah the third,

 2Nohah the fourth, and Rapha the fifth.

 3And the sons of Bela were, Addar, and Gera, and Abihud,

 4And Abishua, and Naaman, and Ahoah,

 5And Gera, and Shephuphan, and Huram.

 6And these are the sons of Ehud: these are the heads of the fathers of the inhabitants of Geba, and they removed them to Manahath:

 7And Naaman, and Ahiah, and Gera, he removed them, and begat Uzza, and Ahihud.

 8And Shaharaim begat children in the country of Moab, after he had sent them away; Hushim and Baara were his wives.

 9And he begat of Hodesh his wife, Jobab, and Zibia, and Mesha, and Malcham,

 10And Jeuz, and Shachia, and Mirma. These were his sons, heads of the fathers.

 11And of Hushim he begat Abitub, and Elpaal.

 12The sons of Elpaal; Eber, and Misham, and Shamed, who built Ono, and Lod, with the towns thereof:

 13Beriah also, and Shema, who were heads of the fathers of the inhabitants of Aijalon, who drove away the inhabitants of Gath:

 14And Ahio, Shashak, and Jeremoth,

 15And Zebadiah, and Arad, and Ader,

 16And Michael, and Ispah, and Joha, the sons of Beriah;

 17And Zebadiah, and Meshullam, and Hezeki, and Heber,

 18Ishmerai also, and Jezliah, and Jobab, the sons of Elpaal;

 19And Jakim, and Zichri, and Zabdi,

 20And Elienai, and Zilthai, and Eliel,

 21And Adaiah, and Beraiah, and Shimrath, the sons of Shimhi;

 22And Ishpan, and Heber, and Eliel,

 23And Abdon, and Zichri, and Hanan,

 24And Hananiah, and Elam, and Antothijah,

 25And Iphedeiah, and Penuel, the sons of Shashak;

 26And Shamsherai, and Shehariah, and Athaliah,

 27And Jaresiah, and Eliah, and Zichri, the sons of Jeroham.

 28These were heads of the fathers, by their generations, chief men. These dwelt in Jerusalem.

 29And at Gibeon dwelt the father of Gibeon; whose wife's name was Maachah:

 30And his firstborn son Abdon, and Zur, and Kish, and Baal, and Nadab,

 31And Gedor, and Ahio, and Zacher.

 32And Mikloth begat Shimeah. And these also dwelt with their brethren in Jerusalem, over against them.

 33And Ner begat Kish, and Kish begat Saul, and Saul begat Jonathan, and Malchishua, and Abinadab, and Eshbaal.

 34And the son of Jonathan was Meribbaal; and Meribbaal begat Micah.

 35And the sons of Micah were, Pithon, and Melech, and Tarea, and Ahaz.

 36And Ahaz begat Jehoadah; and Jehoadah begat Alemeth, and Azmaveth, and Zimri; and Zimri begat Moza,

 37And Moza begat Binea: Rapha was his son, Eleasah his son, Azel his son:

 38And Azel had six sons, whose names are these, Azrikam, Bocheru, and Ishmael, and Sheariah, and Obadiah, and Hanan. All these were the sons of Azel.

 39And the sons of Eshek his brother were, Ulam his firstborn, Jehush the second, and Eliphelet the third.

 40And the sons of Ulam were mighty men of valour, archers, and had many sons, and sons' sons, an hundred and fifty. All these are of the sons of Benjamin.