Dave Burnette's Commentary

Job Chapter 18

Written By: God through Inspiration
Penned By: Unknown, possibly Job, Moses, Solomon, and Elihu
Date Penned: (2000-1800 BC)
Overview: Faith in God's Sovereignty Through Trials (c 1-42)
Theme: Three Friends Answer Job (c 3-31)
Message: Bildad's Second Discussion (v 1-21)

Job 18 Commentary

(18:1) A Harsh Reply  -Bildad's second speech was really no different from his first except that it was more harsh (as was Eliphaz's. When we face difficulties, pain, and suffering, we can expect well-meaning "Bildads" to come along, quoting proverbs and giving advice and not really listening to us or identifying with our pain. Rather than seeking to understand, they give unhelpful, trite answers. When receiving this useless advice, listen politely. Then, in order to sort out the helpful advice from the empty words, talk to God about what was said. When giving advice, avoid empty words. It is more important to convey care and support than to worry about saying the right thing.

(18:1-21) Bildad's Preconceived Judgment - Bildad thought he knew how the universe should be run, and he saw Job as an illustration of the consequences of sin. Bildad rejected Job's side of the story because it did not fit in with his outlook on life. It is easy to condemn Bildad because his errors are obvious; unfortunately, however, we often act the same way when our ideas are threatened.

(18:14) The King of Terrors - The "king of terrors" is a figure of speech referring to death. Bildad viewed death as a great devourer (18:13), but the Bible teaches that God has the power to devour even death (Psalm 49:15; Isaiah 25:8; 1 Corinthians 15:54-56). If the prospect of dying scares you, remember your faith and the promises of Christ. He told his disciples they would be with him forever in his Father's house, and this includes you if you have chosen to follow him (John 14:1-3).

Dave Burnette's Life Application

Power Over Death

Each day we walk through the Bible chapter by chapter making an application of our text to help us grow in the Lord. Many applications can be made from each day's text. Today we continue in the Book of Job with Chapter 18. In our text today we see Bildad speaks again and like the first time he is harsh and nonsporting of Job's affliction. He did not believe Job's response and continued to be a miserable comforter. What catches my eye is verse 14 where Bibdad viewed death as the great devourer. The Bible teaches that God has power over death, Hell, and the grave. Jesus paid it all and in our salvation we can rest assured that we too that we will not see separation from God but rather go from this life to our new home in heaven when we pass if we are saved. How about you? Are you scared about death? Let us learn from our text today and the life of Job to remember that Jesus has power over death if we are in Him (saved) we too will have eternal life.


Job 18

Job 18

 1Then answered Bildad the Shuhite, and said,

 2How long will it be ere ye make an end of words? mark, and afterwards we will speak.

 3Wherefore are we counted as beasts, and reputed vile in your sight?

 4He teareth himself in his anger: shall the earth be forsaken for thee? and shall the rock be removed out of his place?

 5Yea, the light of the wicked shall be put out, and the spark of his fire shall not shine.

 6The light shall be dark in his tabernacle, and his candle shall be put out with him.

 7The steps of his strength shall be straitened, and his own counsel shall cast him down.

 8For he is cast into a net by his own feet, and he walketh upon a snare.

 9The gin shall take him by the heel, and the robber shall prevail against him.

 10The snare is laid for him in the ground, and a trap for him in the way.

 11Terrors shall make him afraid on every side, and shall drive him to his feet.

 12His strength shall be hungerbitten, and destruction shall be ready at his side.

 13It shall devour the strength of his skin: even the firstborn of death shall devour his strength.

 14His confidence shall be rooted out of his tabernacle, and it shall bring him to the king of terrors.

 15It shall dwell in his tabernacle, because it is none of his: brimstone shall be scattered upon his habitation.

 16His roots shall be dried up beneath, and above shall his branch be cut off.

 17His remembrance shall perish from the earth, and he shall have no name in the street.

 18He shall be driven from light into darkness, and chased out of the world.

 19He shall neither have son nor nephew among his people, nor any remaining in his dwellings.

 20They that come after him shall be astonied at his day, as they that went before were affrighted.

 21Surely such are the dwellings of the wicked, and this is the place of him that knoweth not God.